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Best Band Names of All Time

Here are the greatest band names of all-time, according to me.


10. 30 Seconds to Mars.  Jared Leto is an actor, therefore his band must suck. At least he has a really cool name.


9. The The.  Simple. Edgy. Fun.


8. The New Pornographers.  Outstanding name. Gives you a nice idea of what they will sound like.


7. Panic! At the Disco.  Taken from a Smiths song, which makes it cool. It has an exclamation point, which makes it cooler.


6. Porno for Pyros.  Porn for people who like to set fires. Rock 'n roll!


5. The Velvet Underground.  Maybe the COOLEST band name ever. But not the best.


4. Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts.  Russell Crowe is an actor and his band DOES suck. But at least they have a cool name.


3. The Butthole Surfers.  Offensive. Hilarious. Awesome.


2. The Heartless Bastards.  Honest. Offensive. I love it.


1. . . . And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead.  How can this not be No. 1? How awesome is it for a name?  Plus, it has ellipses. Killer.


Any thoughts?








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  • The Dead Kennedys - disgusting but interesting
  • The Who
  • The Guess Who
  • The Doobie Brothers - what were they smoking?

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Big Don - Great calls on The Dead Kennedys and The Doobies. I love both of those names! RC

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In no particular order, because I'm not the orderly type:


  • Rage Against the Machine: A great name, or I just relate to it because of my impotent little existence.
  • Jane's Addiction: It just begs several questions.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival: A sticky name that demands substitution with an acronym, which immediately enforces a sense of familiarity. <-- How's that for over thought?
  • Depeche Mode: Is there any other term that says "New Wave" better?
  • Eminem: Like it or not, it's a memorable name, perhaps because it trades on an established confection. Possibly cooler had it been spelled Eminim, which read backwards would have been strangely befitting.
  • Spock's Beard: As if we *are* in an alternate universe, where Spock has a beard.
  • Sting: How I wish I had a nickname that was both noun and verb. Sonofabitch -- my wife just reminded me that I do.
  • Oomph!: Yeah.



      Chris Brewer


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The Teaparty (canadian, woof!), Ozzy Osbourne (miss spell of both names rocks), Styx (awesome name slyly referring to their awesome drummer whatshisname i can't think of it), Boston, Def Leppard (leave it to the cool brits to coined the slang term "def" that didn't hit American streets until the 90's). All good names.

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LOVE Depeche Mode, Def Lep and Credence Clearwater Revival. What about Nirvana? Pretty cool name there, too. RC

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Oomph! - Hell yeah!
Das Ich - Simple, creative and also a band that set a firm foundation for electronica.
Epica - It is rather epic.A name that not only describes their music but also the feeling it gives you.
Lollipop Lust Kill - Great name and band. Besides, who can say they don't like lollipops?
Devin Townsend / Strapping Young Lad - What other band can you name that the lead singer goes off his bi-polar meds to create a couple albums, scream and sing astoundingly without flaw?


I have too many names and bands I like to create a list so I'm going to just stop there =)

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Lollipop Lust Kill should go in the Hall of Fame. RC

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Pigmy Love Circus, Ramones

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I totally forgot this one: Does it Offend You, Yeah? Great name. Cumbersome - but still interesting.

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Here are some I have found, interesting and some quite disturbing: Accidental Goat Sodomy, Bongwater Taffee, Green Chili Burps and the Aftertastes, Jimmy Eat World, Screaming Asparagus, Accidental Suicide, Afterbirth Sandwich, Aha! The Attach of the Green Slime Beast, Albino Toilet Boys, Beverly Beer Bellies, Rolling Donut. Just to name a few

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I was gonna say Porno for Pyros, but it's already been mentioned. Regardless, I still think it's a great band name.


Others that came to my mind:


- Atom and his Package

- NoFX (and all the various interpretations)

- The Alkaline Trio (though I think it would be better if they dropped the cliche "the")

- Five Iron Frenzy

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Hmmm... that last message didn't come out formatted as planned... For the most offensive though, I think "Anal Cunt" pretty much has that on lock. Bonus points for having some of the most horrifically offensive song titles as well. Too bad they suck, their originality is hard to beat.

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Kelly! I love "Green Chili Burps and the Aftertastes" and "Aha! The Attack of the Green Slime Beast" Stellar.

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